Pour Some Sugar On Me (in the name of love!)

I was at my usual coffee shop recently. Been getting coffee there six days a week since it opened. I know the owners well.

So, Monday I’m told, “Sorry, we’re out of raw sugar. Should have some soon.”

Raw Sugar


Wednesday, still nothing. So I suggest maybe getting some at Cub Foods, a local grocery store. The server (not the owner), says, “No, they only have bulk. We need the little packets.” So I walk over to the little ’service’ island that has napkins, stir sticks, honey and regular (bulk) sugar in a nice glass dispenser. “Why can’t you buy bulk raw sugar and put it in one of these?”

She replies, “Good question.”

Sooo….a few day later, owner is there. I ask again, and no raw sugar. I recommend the same option mentioned previously to the server. Answer from the OWNER, “It costs more at Cub. I’d have to charge you more for your coffee.”

Ok. I already pay $2-$3 per DAY for my coffee. I wouldn’t even notice the extra 10 cents. I do notice the absence of raw sugar.

I wonder if they’ll notice when I don’t come there for my coffee?

I still get coffee there.  Tillie’s Bean is a wonderful place – a true urban success.

What I learned – customers notice the small things.  Every time

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