My Blue Ocean *update*

This past March I posted about Blue Ocean Strategy. I promised to give you an update on my personal Blue Ocean.


Here it is, though still a work in progress.

50% Blue Ocean, 25% Conversation Agent, 25% Dip: adds up to this:

I am finding my voice, and it is organizational development as a focus. This means going forward my writing will be through an organizational development lens. I’ll do my best not to wax academic (which shouldn’t be too hard, considering my graduate degree is in marketing, not OD!). I’ll trust all of you to keep me honest should I stray. You’ll notice a few new links to the right of this post on Human Systems Dynamics and Social Networks – this is leading edge in the field, check it out!

If you know of some great organizational development, organizational design, human systems design, or social networks blogs, please share with me.

I look forward to our shared journey and conversations.

– Joe

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