Monologue or Dialogue?

One of my favorite business blogs is The Dozen Blog over at Egg Strategy.  Julie Fleischer routinely challenges my thinking with creative posts on a variety of innovation-focused subjects.

This blog is an incredible resource that enhances my mindset and approach in working to maximize organizational performance with clients.  Here is an example from a recent post titled, “Hospitalitarianism“.

The Subject

According to Julie’s post, the term hospitalitarianism (the art of hospitality) takes on an interesting meaning in Danny Meyer’s book, Setting The Table.

I’ve been trained in the principles of Six Sigma at General Electric and completed an MBA in marketing: I am well versed in the importance of completing the technical execution parts of “process” – what Julie’s post IDs as “service”.  What about the “experience”?

I currently work in the hospitality business and have dedicated the last four years to ensuring our external AND internal clients are getting the right experience, not just great service.  This is challenging at any business, as we are typically rewarded for “great service” and not necessarily enhancing our client experience.

“Service Is A Monologue, Hospitality Is A Dialogue”

Once again, we’re talking about conversation.  That give-take between company and client, the people who use whatever you produce.

What works: interacting and listening to those that work with us, for us, and receive/purchase our ‘product’.

What doesn’t work: doing everything they say, or not listening at all.

Spend some time today over at The Dozen blog and let’s continue our dialogue!

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