Gain Perspective at the Edge of the World

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

With our busy world and so many competing demands, how do we gain the perspective we need to accomplish our goals? We pack so much into our lives and don’t really know what to do with it all.

I have a recommendation: a personal retreat with leadership coaching.

A Room of One’s Own opened two years ago. Recently, Marcia Hyatt integrated her leadership coaching practice with the retreat center. She works with colleagues and clients to design personal retreats to:

  • Refocus their life and career choices
  • Renew themselves after a hectic time
  • Clear out the noise and hear their inner voice
  • Launch a longer term coaching relationship
  • Learn what it feels like to live a more balanced life
  • Write what they had always meant to write…

A retreat may only be a few days but I know from experience it can change the direction of your life. The design of the retreats varies greatly depending on the guest’s intentions. The package can include lodging at A Room of One’s Own, gourmet meals provided by a personal chef, massages, tai ji, yoga (or other body work) and coaching.

Some testimonials:

“Marcia Hyatt is so skilled as a coach that I forgot fear during our sessions. I forgot fear and imagined solutions and possibilities that stay with me today. I think of her as one of my career’s best friends.” Perry Carrison

“Marcia is extremely competent and passionate about her work. Marcia has a unique approach to job coaching. She provides structure and support while clarifying and defining specific steps for professional development. The intensive Marcia offers at “A Room of One’s Own” provides a perfect environment to begin a coaching relationship. I would highly recommend Marcia and her retreat to anyone seeking professional development.”

Janine Ryan, Deputy Director

Minneapolis Development Review

City of Minneapolis

I invite you to experience a personal retreat for yourself. If you want to see more information click on the following link:

Leadership Retreat

Sometimes you need to go to the edge (of the world) to get perspective. I hope to see you at this edge of the world soon.

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