Cream or Crap?

When executing a change at work, is it standard practice to treat everyone the same?  I am not talking about respect, dignity, and the like. I mean using a ‘peanut butter’ approach in attention, communication, direction, accountability, etc.

Mark Goulston, the Leadership columnist at FastCompany, recently published a wonderful, direct, and actionable list on managing teams for change:

10 Ways to Frustrate and Squander the Cream of Your Crop

  1. Unclear vision from the top
  2. A mission that seems meaningless
  3. Little or no strategy
  4. No system for holding people accountable
  5. Having a system for accountability but not using it (a.k.a. the slackers get to slide by)
  6. Mediocre managers who lack clarity, commitment and passion are difficult to respect
  7. Rewarding mediocre people whose only skill is knowing how to work the system
  8. A culture rife with whining, complaining, blaming and excuse making
  9. Having to rely and depend on people who are not reliable or dependable
  10. Having your best people see other companies where their talents would be much better utilized

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