Connection Manifesto

1.  Allow people their moment.

2.  Smile for a photo, don’t just say ‘cheese’.

3.  When you spend time with someone, remember something personal they told you  and bring it up next time you meet up with them (How IS your grandfather doing?)

4.  Buy coffee for the person behind you in line once in a while

5.  What fascinates someone else may not fascinate you.  So what.  Give them some attention…it is just like love sometimes.

6.  The next person you meet may have just won a million dollars, or lost a million dollars.  You don’t know. Assume the latter.

7.  Give flowers to your Mom on your birthday.  She was there.

8.  Listen to learn, not to get your next point across to the person talking.

9.  Enjoy success, yours and the success of others.

10.  Use the phone or meet in person when possible.  Email sucks – no tone, no voice, no warmth.

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