Bullet Points Are Not Nourishing

Why, oh why, do bad powerpoint presentations persist?  Why do we sit in audiences and accept them?!! I know most presenters don’t get in front of a room with the intent to bore the audience and minimize their own excellent ideas.

‘The soul never sees without an image’ – Aristotle

Try building a Powerpoint deck without so many f-ing bullet points!  Try using an image or two, and telling a story about why your audience should sit there and let you have time with them.
Want them to listen?  Connect…bring them into the story.  After all, isn’t that what you’re trying to do?  Connecting your ideas with these people!

Title of slide:  Sedona, Arizona Travel

  • Sedona is fun
  • It is a mountainous region of Arizona
  • There is a lot of red rock there
  • It is located north of Phoenix
  • You should go there next time you visit Arizona


Title of slide:  The mystical powers of Sedona, Arizona
Then have this image on the slide:

You, as a presenter, tell your audience a story about the red rock in Sedona!  Maybe the history, or the indigenous Indians that lived there, or the fun jeep tours, etc.  People will remember the image on the slide, and your energy in the stories.
They won’t remember bullet points…because bullet points don’t feed us, nourishing the soul.

Want more on this?  Check out Seth Godin for some prescriptive help.  Or Valeria Maltoni for help on the art of conversation.  I did.

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