Are You a Prisoner Of YOUR Thoughts?

Ever wonder how to break the cycle of negative thoughts and attempt to break out into new innovations, meaning, and lifelong success?

One of my all-time favorite books is now available in paperback and  as an audiobook CD and digital download (via iTunes,, etc. The audio publisher is Gilden Media). 

From the Press Release:

Prisoners of Our Thoughts offers seven principles for finding deeper meaning and fulfillment in your life and work.  Building upon the work of the world-reknowed psychiatrist, Dr. Viktor Frankl, (author of the classic bestseller Man’s Search for Meaning), Prisoners of Our Thoughts shows how his wisdom can be applied to today’s life and work situations.

My Experience:

I had the good fortune to meet the author of Prisoners, Dr. Alex Pattakos, last year at his office in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  A few co-workers and I spent the day discussing innovation, meaning, and purpose.  This was truly an engaging, enlightening experience!

We all have some thought patterns that prevent us from moving in the direction we desire.  This could be a work project or a personal goal.  Having an established plan to get us through the forest and into a clear view is key to sustainable success.  Prisoners of Our Thoughts IS that plan.


The book and audio CD are available at fine booksellers and everywhere beginning January 1, 2008.  Preorder today! (e.g., iTunes, etc.).  There is a great forward by Stephen Covey too!

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