A Short, Simple List of Rules

From the Human Systems Dynamics Institute:

Short List of Simple Rules

1. Teach and learn in every interaction.
2. Reinforce strengths of self and others.
3. Search for the true and the useful.
4. Apply emerging learning in reflective practice.
5. Make expectations explicit.
6. Give and get value for value.
7. Attend to the whole, the part, and the greater whole.
8. Engage in joyful practice.

These are simple, powerful ‘rules’ for engaging with clients, customers, co-workers, bosses, managers.

It’s All About Us

Physician, heal thyself.  Organizational Development consultant, know thyself.  Having a reasonable knowledge of your strengths and challenges, your ‘hooks’ (things that quickly drive you crazy), and the value you bring to the intervention/engagement/relationship are as important as the tools, models, and flipchart paper you employ.

It’s All About Them

If you’re in this for the glory, you’re not in this at all.  Approaching each engagement with a servant’s heart, and getting a shared agreement on outcomes, will do you more good and satisfy more clients than shoehorning their problem into your model.

And remember, if it isn’t fun, for you, for the client – step back and try a different approach.

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